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Weight Indicator


High performance digital weight indicator with integrated QWERTY keyboard that simplifies the compilation of texts and archives. Equipped with 3 serial ports, transmission protocols for data communication, fully configurable printouts, integrated alibi memory and input for standard barcode / badge reader. The wide range of connectable accessories and printers guarantees maximum interface ability and

Main Features:

  • Alphanumeric waterproof keyboard
  • QWERTY and functional with 59 keys
  • BLUE LED display h = 15mm with high efficiency
  • BLUE backlit graphic LCD display, 25x100mm, Customizable views
  • Waterproof IP65 ABS case
  • Dimensions: 279x124x187mm
  • Calendar clock and permanent data storage
  • Standard Alibi Memory, integrated on the motherboard
  • 2 independent analog weight reading channels
  • Can be connected to printers and labellers with command drivers
  • 24-bit, 4-channel A / D converter, up to 3200 conv./sec. with autoselect and up to 8 signal linearization points
  • Connectable to max. 16 350 Ohm analog load cells (45 cells at 1000 Ohm) and the main digital load cells available on the market
  • Max. 10.000e or multi-field 3 x 3000e @ 0.3 μV / d in the version approved for legal CE-M use
  • Max. 1,000,000 divisions viewable for internal factory use with internal resolution up to 3,000,000 points
  • 110-240 Vac power supply; internal long-life rechargeable battery, for use without prolonged mains voltage
Input/ Output Sections:
  • 2 RS232 serial ports, for connection to printer, PC or PLC, radio module and optional interfaces.
  • 1 RS232 serial port for repeater connection, remote scale, badge reader, or digital load cells.
  • Input in standard keyboard emulation, for connection to barcode / badge readers or external PC keyboard
  • Interbus Modbus RTU

    Main Funtions:
  • Zeroing, Automatic Tare, Presettable Tare, Locked / Unlocked Tare
  • Management of the main digital load cells available on the market
  • Storage of input / output weighs by ID CODE or VEHICLE PLATE (maximum 999 suspended weighs)
  • Second scale management: possibility of weighing input / output on scale 1 or scale 2; weighed in input on scale 1, weighed in output on scale 2 and vice versa. "A + B" function for displaying the sum of the scale 1 + scale 2
  • Management of vehicles with trailers, even on 2 scales (tractor weighing on scale 1 + trailer weighing on scale 2)
  • 15 configurable and printable ID texts, with content of 32 crt, example: Code, lot ID, operator ID, shift number
  • Archive of 500 customers / suppliers with two alphanumeric descriptions of 20 characters, total input and output, net total, total weighs
  • Archive of 500 products with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, total input and output, net total, total weighs
  • 500 vehicles archive with alphanumeric description of 20 characters, plate (10 crt), associated tare, total input and output, net total, total weighs
  • Complete customization of the function keys, to adapt the instrument to the needs of the user
  • 6 levels of total that can be zeroed and printed independently: partial total, general, grand total, customer total, product, vehicle

Combined with:


THERMAL PRINTER MOD. FORMER Suitable to be connected to weight indicator and PC

High-speed powerful receipt printer to be connected to weight indicator and PC

  • High printing speed: 300 mm / s
  • Power supply: 24 V
  • Max Paper Width: 80mm
  • Auto-Cutter function
  • Interface: USB, Ethernet and serial port