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Cathegory: Machinery

Code: STI200

Power Supply: 380V 50/60 Hz

Pneumatic: 6 bar 50 L/min

Dimensions: 1100 x 400 x 550 h

Weight: KG 40

Production: The STI200 model machine makes earring posts from the wire. After loading the coil of wire, the machine automatically rolls, cuts and collects the post without any waste or loose of material. It is possible to use any kind of metal wire, without a constant hardness and with different diameters without any mechanical adjustments. The inno- vative hammering system makes single or double cyrcular grooves and it is possible to adjust the groove depth and the lenght of the post. On the machine there is a settable electronic piece coun- ter and can be equipped with the stamping group with custom trade mark and stamp.