Brush Pen Plating

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Brush/Pen Plating Plant

This system is a special morphology of the eletroplyte, a gel from. It gives great advantages in comparison to the classical "brush/pen" plating. However it required more distinctive attentions.

Gold / Rhodium / Palladium Pen Plating


Gel Gold Plating Pen, A unique effective :

  • OD-GP 24k Gold ingot colour
  • OD-GP 24KHD 24K Yellow colour for Electronic Application
  • OD-GP 1N 14K pale Yellow colour
  • OD-GP 2N 18K pale Yellow colour
  • OD-GP 3N 18K pinkish Yellow colour
  • OD-GP 4N Pink rose colour
  • OD-GP 5N Red rose colour
  • Ready to use gel format in 10ml, 20ml, 50ml, 100ml


  • Low investment
  • Save Up to 50% consumption due to thixotropic effect
  • Higher resistance to oxidation
  • Available in precise wide range of standard gold colors
  • * We also provide Rhodium gel and solution for white, black and copper color