Ambrogio Robotic Isle

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Ambrogio Robotic Isle

Cathegory: Machinery

Code: A01

Power Supply: 240V 50/60HZ 1kW

Dimensions: 2000x2000X2000mm

Weight: 100Kg

Production: Any


The system proposed by us is born as an open system, where the final user could develop with us the interested work covering one or more of the seven segments which the isle is composed by, with his needs.
This service could be done also at distance, where we will design and build the customer’s embedded working segment, following each new application request and equipping it of all the tools to be mounted on the arm.
When the user will be provided of the new stuff, he will be able to easily make the movements of the robotic arm in absolute autonomy.


The system allows the user approach through formation courses in our factory, filmed and stored with the machine. That study will be dedicated to the robotic arm managing due to allow the user to be as independent as possible about the arm movement paths and point selections.
In the case the standing alone segment created by us could have its own mechanical, electronic or pneumatic movements, the single machine will be provided by a small control panel where the user set up the parameters and modify the working cycles and working times.
Will be the same system able to interface with the robot without the user actions.
Our future support will concern on realize new working systems and studying new applications, up on the customers requests, being able to solve any different needing thanks to our experience in this sector, using also this new technology to reach lots of even different and renewed solutions.
It’s important to consider the possibility for the customer to build by its own simple working segments, like welding masks, bending stamps, pick and place selectors, etc.
The isle growing will be continue and can be made by distance, thanks to the fact that any single working segment will be fully tested on one twin isle in our factory.
We’ll be ready to give our customers full service for what concerns any application made by us, in particular cases when sectors need service in our factory, they can be shipped and fast came back to the customers, thanks to the fact that they are small and simple applications.
For what concerns the robotic part, we’ll have the unconditional help from FANUC, that responds by phone or in place with technical presence, during the warranty period and in future years.


This new working philosophy will result cheaper than all knew solution, because the mechanization needed to develop each new idea will be reduced at maximum: base structures, feeding stuffs, pieces placing, electronic and pneumatic plants will be substituted by the robot.
That important issue will allow the user to approach the automation of new works, never considered possible until now due to high realization costs.
This one is securely one of the most important feature of the system, allowing automation also on models with a short life production cycle, thanks to a low cost needing per each new single model.
Also the realization time per single project will be relatively short and proportional to their simplicity, in response to an always more demanding market.